Our Management

Late Smt.Koklan Devi Sood

Smt. Koklan Devi Sood, W/o Late Sh. Mirmal Sood, a broad minded yogi with inborn spiritual tendencies and a rational mind who supported people with huge donations was a child widow. She always thought highly and acted nobly. She spent most of her life in meditation for inner tranquility of heart and mind. Her contemporaries believed that she was blessed with supernatural powers in the realization of God. As a great philanthropist, she donated her ancestral land to various societies and individuals.Shri Sanatan Dharam Sabha,Hoshiarpur Will remain indebted to Smt. Koklan Devi Sood for donating 135 Kanal land for the construction of the unique educational institution, S.D.City Public School, an English medium school with a difference on the Chintpurni Road at Adamwal, Hoshiarpur.

Late Sh. Hans Raj Ji Maharaj

(Shri Ram Sharanam Asharam. Gohana.)

I am pleased to inaugurate the Registration for admission of the students for the First Session (2008-09), today, i.e., 20th Nov.2007. I appreciate the role of the Shri Sanatan Dharam (Regd.) Hoshiarpur in the field of education. As the aim of the education is to develop the intellect and character of each student by providing value education and religious traditions so that he works for the upliftment of the people and the country. I wish the school will remain committed to that.I on the behalf of Shri Ram Sharanam Ashram, Gohana, congratulate the management, staff and students and hope that they will work untiringly to achieve higher goals in their mission.

Sh. Kamlesh Kumar Sharma


Every child is a gift of God to mankind, a crown of creation and a pride to the human race. This school stands for the total formation of the human as a person and total upliftment of the children. This vision and principles give our educational institution a specific character.

Educational excellence being the priority, we aim at forming children into well integrated, matured patriotic, compassionate and socially conscious human beings. Our students make an all round development as the fruit of immense labour on the part of our staff.

Sh. Bindusar Shukla

( Secretary)

Our education world demands that the future generation must be infused with a high sense of patriotism and Indian culture so that they become assets of unparallel merit, integrity and calibre to the society.I hope, people of Hoshiarpur will prefer to send their wards to our school for providing education of international standards.

Sh. Sachin Malhotra


S.D. City Public School, Chintpurni road, Adamwal, Hoshiarpur is more than an educational institution. It is a movement with aims to accomplish unexplored areas in the field of education. It is a concept which amalgamates seamlessly these areas in our school campus and offers to the enlightened management a holistic product which when accepted and implemented spearheads the school far into the future.The school would serve as a catalyst in the transformation of society from its present state to a platform for interaction between student and teacher, teacher & parent and parent & children, a platform where students get the best from their teachers and vice-versa.We are committed to make a difference in education by infusing new technology into learning, teaching and administration of school.

Sh. S.K. Moudgil

(Vice Chairman)

Welcome to S. D. City Public School, Adamwal, Hoshiarpur. We are running a co-educational institution based on Indian Cultural Heritage dedicated to provide an education of the highest quality of an international setting.

We follow CBSE pattern based on the curriculum suggested by NCERT, New Delhi and our educational philosophy is characterized by close student-teacher relationship and an extensive extra curricular programme.

Over the years, we have developed a strong culture that emphasizes the intellectual and moral growth of our students. Our students quickly absorb the values of the school, a commitment to excellence, intellectual, self reliance, an appreciation for diversity and global perspective. Experimental learning opportunities, learning by doing, are integrated throughout the curriculum, creating environment in which students are encouraged to take educational risks.

Our outstanding faculty is closely involved with our students, not only in the classroom, but as coaches, advisors, mentors and friends. They foster an atmosphere that encourages our students to engage in the rigorous intellectual activities and independent thinking.