• It is the desire of every parent to give quality education to the children in today's scenario. To get good quality education, quality schools are perquisite. As quality schools are at the distance, it is not possible for the parents to send their wards to these schools. Keeping this specific problem of the parents in mind, the school is running buses for bringing children from far off places on nominal charges. To avoid any mishappening a full time care taker is provided to help the students to board and get down from the buses.


Co-Curricular Activities form the backbone of the school curriculum. It helps in all-round development of the student's personality. Our school too helps the child in exploring his hidden talents and improve upon hobbies like singing, dancing, public speaking so that it becomes a second nature of the child. Teachers help the students to nurse their talents in the activities listed below :

  • Sports Competitions.
  • Art and Craft Competitions.
  • Music and Dance Competitions.
  • Academic Competitions.
  • Visits.
  • Picnics.
  • Festivals Celebrations.
  • Fete.

Games, Sports and Athletics directly contribute to the physical development of students. A sound mind rests in a healthy body. So physical training has become one of the important aspects of school education. These activities are important not simply because they provide physical exercise but for a number of other reasons also. They develop qualities of sportsmanship, self confidence, perseverance, judgement, fairplay etc.Playground is also the cradle of democracy. Children become fresh and active. They learn to concentrate on academics, inculcate good habits, develop control over emotions and aggressions. Sports and games play important role in muscle development, heart – lungs become strong thus blood circulation becomes proper. As a result mental fitness increases. Following are the various games and sports being instructed in our school:-

  • Races
  • Chess
  • Kho-Kho
  • Yoga
  • Judo
  • Football / Volley-ball
  • Cricket
  • Carom
  • Kabaddi

We organize camps, Personality Development Programme,
Workshops and Seminars for Teachers, Students and Parents from time to time.